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We offer high-end hurricane protection that not only looks spectacular, but also exceeds Miami-Dade's stringent building codes for Large Missile Impact and is available in weeks rather than months.

You'll never have to put up and take down hurricane shutters again. Furthermore, with clear impact windows, you'll be able to monitor your property during a storm.

The pros and cons of switching to Safe House Impact Windows and Doors:
Pros: Peace of mind... with Steel Reinforced frame & using 7/16 Laminated Heat Strengthened glass on French & Sliding Glass Doors we offer high quality hurricane protection 24/7, in most cases lowering your electric and windstorm insurance bills. You get improved protection from burglars, a quieter home
(98% sound proof), while our beveled finish is aesthetically beautiful.

Cons: Your neighbors and friends may call you to help install their shutters.

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