Available in White, Bronze or Aluminum Color
  Single Hung Window   Single Hung Window
This style of window slides vertically to open. It is aided by a built
in spring. It utilizes Heat Strengthened laminated glass to achieve
pressures of -70 +90 Dade County rated for Large & Small Missiles.
  Horizontal Roller   Horizontal Roller or Sliders
Sliders are typically used for bedrooms requiring egress. In combination with picture windowsthey can produce interesting configurations. Utilise 7/16 Heat Strengthened glass.
  Fixed Window / Picture Window   Fixed Window
Fixed windows can bring the feel of the outdoors in. They are not operable and utilize 7/16 Heat Strengthened laminated glass. Ours are rated -70 +80 for Large & Small Missiles by Miami Dade County.
  French Door / Colonial or Full View   French Door
Classic french doors can be full view or colonial. Add Sidelites for a large opening. These doors are steel reinforced and are made with 7/16 Heat Strengthened laminated glass. Large& Small Missile rated.
  Sliding Glass Door   Sliding Glass Door
Can cover an opening as wide as 192 inches these doors are also rated for Large & Small Missile impact, utilize Stainless Steel rollers and 7/16 Heat strengthened laminated glass.

Mullions (pdf)
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